Does Bowlero Have Open Bowling?

Are you a bowling enthusiast looking to enjoy a fun and entertaining experience at Bowlero?

You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll dive into one of the most popular questions asked by avid bowlers: Is Open Bowling available at Bowlero?

From understanding how Open Bowling works to exploring additional amenities and features offered by Bowlero centers, we’ve got all your frequently asked questions answered in great detail.

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Does Bowlero Have Open Bowling?

Yes, it does. And at Bowlero centers, Open Bowling is typically available every day, often from 10 am to midnight or later. However, hours of operation may vary based on location and time of year, so it’s always best to check with your local center for specific information. (source)

It’s also important to note that reservations are not typically required for Open Bowling at Bowlero but can provide peace of mind during peak times when lanes are in high demand.

Do I Need To Make A Reservation And How Much Does It Cost?

To ensure availability, it is recommended to make a reservation for open bowling at Bowlero Centers.

However, it is not specified whether reservations are required. Prices may vary depending on the location and time of day but generally range from around $4-6 per person per game with additional fees for shoe rental and other services like food or drinks.

Keep in mind that Bowlero often offers promotions and discounts for online bookings, group events, and league play.

Can I Bring My Own Equipment Or Do I Need To Rent?

If you have your own bowling ball and shoes, you’re welcome to bring them to Bowlero.

However, if you don’t have your own equipment or simply forgot to bring it, no worries – Bowlero offers shoe rentals as well as a variety of different balls for rent that cater to players with varying levels of expertise.

Prices for shoe rentals vary by location but expect to pay around $4-$6 per person. The cost of renting a ball varies depending on the level of quality and can range from $5-$8 per person.

Are Food And Beverage Services Available During Open Bowling?

At Bowlero, food and beverage services are available during Open Bowling. You can order tasty bites like wings, pizza, and sliders, along with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy while you bowl.

Plus, many Bowlero centers have sports bars where you can catch the latest game on TV or hang out with friends in between frames.

Additional Amenities And Features At Bowlero Centers

Cosmic Bowling And Other Themed Events

I absolutely love the cosmic bowling at Bowlero! This is a popular feature where the lights are dimmed, and neon colors take over. Everyone gets to experience a unique atmosphere that takes their bowling game to another level.

Bowlero also hosts other themed events throughout the year, such as Night Strike, Halloween Spooktacular, Thanksgiving Eve Bash, Holiday Parties & more! Each event has its own special twist on fun and games – from dress-up contests to laser tag showdowns.

Plus, there are always plenty of food and drink options available in the sports bar or lounge areas while you enjoy your night out with friends or family.

Arcade Games And Billiards/pool Tables

When it comes to entertainment at Bowlero centers, there’s more than just bowling. Each location also offers a variety of arcade games and pool tables. From classic pinball machines to the latest video games, the arcade selection has something for everyone.

At Bowlero, they take pride in having an extensive collection of games and activities beyond bowling that can cater to all ages and interests.

While waiting for your turn on the lanes or taking a break from bowling, enjoy shooting hoops with friends or challenge them in skeeball competitions. If you’re feeling nostalgic for old-school arcade fun, try out various retro titles like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong.

Laser Tag And Private Rooms For Events

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting experience while at Bowlero, be sure to check out their laser tag arena. This thrilling attraction is perfect for groups of all ages and sizes, offering an immersive battle complete with fog machines, futuristic lighting, and heart-pumping music.

Plus, if you’re planning a special event such as a birthday party or corporate outing, Bowlero also offers private rooms that can accommodate groups of various sizes.

These spaces provide the perfect setting for any occasion, whether it’s a business meeting or a family celebration.

Sports Bars And Other Entertainment Options

One of the standout features of Bowlero centers is their sports bars, offering a wide range of drinks and snacks to enjoy while you bowl. Many locations also have lounge areas with comfortable seating, big-screen TVs, and even billiards or other recreational games.

If you’re looking for more entertainment beyond bowling, there are plenty of options available as well. Cosmic Bowling events with black lights and music turn up the fun factor, while laser tag offers a chance to battle it out in an immersive arena.

Private rooms can be rented for parties or meetings, complete with catering options and access to arcade games or billiard tables.

Availability Of Amenities For Children And Individuals With Disabilities

As a family-friendly entertainment destination, Bowlero provides amenities suited for children and individuals with disabilities. Deluxe arcade games, lane-side food delivery, and billiards are just some of the activities that kids can enjoy at Bowlero while waiting their turn to bowl.

For individuals with disabilities, Bowlero centers have accessible pathways leading to entrances/exits, restrooms, parking spaces, and bowling lanes. In addition to wheelchair ramps and handrails in bathrooms, Braille signage is present throughout the facility for easier navigation.

The staff is trained to provide attentive service and assistance as needed.

Planning A Bowling Party Or Group Outing At Bowlero

Does Bowlero Have Open Bowling

Party Packages And Add-ons

At Bowlero, there are various party packages available for groups of all sizes and occasions. Packages include bowling, shoe rentals, food, and beverages, as well as access to arcade games and billiards.

To make your event extra special, there are also a variety of add-ons to choose from such as Cosmic Bowling with black lights and disco balls or even Laser Tag in a private room.

Discounts and promotions are often available for group events so it’s definitely worth checking out the website or contacting a representative at your local Bowlero center to see what deals can be arranged.

Catering Options And Tips For A Successful Event

When planning a bowling party or group event at Bowlero, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is catering. Fortunately, Bowlero offers a variety of catering options that can be tailored to fit any budget and taste preference.

From classic bowling alleys fare like pizza and nachos to gourmet sliders and hand-crafted cocktails, there’s something for everyone at Bowlero.

To ensure a successful event, it’s important to communicate dietary restrictions or special requests with Bowlero staff ahead of time. This will allow them to make accommodations and prevent any potential issues during the event.

It’s also recommended to order enough food for all guests while keeping in mind that portion sizes and appetites may vary.

Discounts And Promotions For Group Events

Planning a group event at Bowlero? You’re in luck! Bowlero offers various discounts and promotions for group events, making it the perfect choice for your next outing.

From corporate team-building events to birthday parties, there’s something for everyone.

Groups of 10 or more can enjoy special Lane Packages that include lane time, shoe rentals, and food & beverage options starting at just $14 per person.

Additionally, Bowlero regularly runs seasonal promotions throughout the year such as holiday-themed events and discount days like “Two-For-Tuesdays”.

Keep an eye out on their website or follow them on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest deals and steals.

Safety Measures In Place For Group Events

At Bowlero, safety is a top priority for all group events. All centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safety of all participants. In addition, there are strict guidelines in place to prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring during group events.

For example, staff members regularly inspect the lanes and equipment before each event to make sure they’re in good condition, and bowlers must follow proper bowling etiquette when on the lanes.


In conclusion, Bowlero offers open bowling at its centers and has provided answers to frequently asked questions about it. Additionally, there are many other amenities like cosmic bowling, arcade games, billiards/pool tables, laser tag, and private rooms for events like a bowling party or group outing.

Discounts and promotions are also available for group events along with safety measures in place during these events. Overall, Bowlero is a great place for both casual bowlers and experienced players looking to have a fun experience while enjoying some good food and drink options.

Last updated on June 26, 2023