How Can I Increase My Bowling Speed? (Interesting Facts)

Are you ready to up your bowling game and leave your competition in the dust? Whether you’re a casual bowler or a league player, increasing your bowling speed is key to achieving better scores and overall performance.

In this blog post, we’ll share 10 effective tips & techniques that will not only help you gain more speed but also enhance various aspects of your game.

Let’s get started!

5 Tips to Increase Bowling Speed

Master Proper Footwork And Approach

One of the most fundamental aspects of improving your bowling speed and the game is mastering proper footwork and approach. You must learn how to move in a precise manner that will help you build momentum, balance, and consistency.

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, then take four steps forward before releasing the ball. Your first step should be shorter than the remaining three; this helps you maintain balance and control throughout your approach.

It’s essential to avoid rushing or dragging as you complete each step toward the foul line; instead, focus on maintaining a smooth pace while keeping your eyes fixed on the target.

This technique allows for better coordination between your upper body and legs, resulting in improved power delivery to the ball at the release point.

Develop A Consistent Release

Developing a consistent release is crucial in achieving a successful bowling game. A perfect release ensures that the ball rolls in an accurate and predictable way toward the target, giving you much-needed control over your game.

One way to achieve this is by practicing proper arm and wrist action during the release phase. Keep your elbow straight and close to your body as you move forward with your throw.

To improve consistency, try following through after every throw instead of pulling back too quickly or abruptly as soon as you let go of your ball.

Many bowlers make the mistake of flicking their wrists rather than keeping them relaxed and neutral throughout each shot’s duration, leading to inconsistent results downrange.

Utilize Proper Grip And Wrist Action

As a bowler, having a proper grip and wrist action can significantly impact your speed and accuracy. Your grip should be firm but not too tight to prevent unnecessary tension in your muscles.

The wrist is also crucial in producing good results. Maintaining a stable wrist throughout the approach allows for consistency in ball delivery, resulting in increased speed and precision upon release.

Experiment with different wrist positions until you find one that works best for you.

Remember that finding the right balance between power and finesse takes time and practice, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come naturally at first.

Strengthen Your Upper Body And Core

Strengthening your upper body and core is critical if you want to increase your bowling speed and improve your game. Developing stronger arms, shoulders, chest, and back muscles will enable you to roll the ball with greater power and control.

One excellent way to strengthen your upper body and core is through weight training exercises such as bench presses, lat pull-downs, rows, planks, and sit-ups.

Additionally, yoga or pilates can be highly effective in building core strength while improving flexibility and breathing techniques that promote relaxation during gameplay.

Choose The Right Ball Weight And Size

As a bowler, it’s crucial to choose the right ball weight and size for your game. A ball that is too heavy can cause strain on your arms and lead to injury, while a ball that is too light may not have enough power behind it.

When selecting a bowling ball, consider factors such as your physical strength and skill level. For beginners or those with less upper body strength, it’s recommended to start with a lighter weight between 10-14 pounds.

It’s also essential to consider the size of the finger holes in relation to your hand size and grip style. A proper fit ensures proper grip and control over the ball throughout each throw.

Experimenting with different weights and sizes during practice sessions can help determine which combination works best for you so that you can achieve optimal performance in every game.

5 Additional Advanced Techniques For Improved Game Performance

How Can I Increase My Bowling Speed

Improve Bowling Accuracy And Precision

Improving bowling accuracy and precision is crucial to increase your game performance. Aiming for the perfect pocket shot and hitting the pins accurately can maximize your scores.

To improve accuracy, it’s essential to focus on consistent form while bowling, such as maintaining a smooth release with proper grip and wrist action.

Additionally, keeping your mind focused on every shot instead of letting distractions get in the way will enhance your overall concentration and allow you to make more accurate shots.

Develop A Strategic Bowling Approach

Developing a strategic approach to bowling can significantly improve your game performance.

A strategic approach involves identifying and exploiting the weaknesses of your opponents, understanding how the oil on the lane affects your ball’s roll, and selecting an appropriate starting position based on your skill level.

For example, if you notice that one opponent struggles with hooking the ball to the left, you may choose to start by positioning yourself further left and vice versa for those who struggle with hooking right.

Similarly, if there is heavy oil on the lane affecting your ball’s pace and trajectory, adjusting both speed and angle accordingly will help gain better results.

Enhance Mental Focus And Concentration

One of the most important aspects of improving your bowling game is to enhance your mental focus and concentration. Being in the right mindset can help you stay relaxed, calm, and focused on making accurate shots.

One way to improve your mental focus is by practicing visualization techniques before stepping up to the lane.

Another effective way to enhance mental focus is through meditation or deep breathing exercises. Taking a few moments to quiet your mind before each shot can help you stay present at the moment and avoid distractions from other bowlers or external factors like noise or movements around you.

Remember that maintaining a positive attitude throughout the game can also boost your confidence level and keep you motivated during challenging times.

Establish A Warm-up And Cool-down Routine

As with any physical activity, it’s crucial to establish a warm-up and cool-down routine when bowling. Warming up helps prepare your muscles for the game, reduces the risk of injury, and improves your performance.

A good warm-up should include stretching exercises that focus on your upper body and legs’ flexibility and mobility.

After playing a few games, cooling down is just as important as warming up. Cooling down routines help prevent muscle soreness while also allowing you to reflect on your gameplay.

A suitable cool-down can involve performing simple stretches for a couple of minutes or taking some time to review how well you played during the games.

Utilize Bowling Aids For Improved Performance

Bowling aids are designed to help bowlers improve their game and enhance their performance. There are various aids available, including wrist supports, finger tape, and thumb slugs that can help with grip and ball control.

Using these aids can significantly improve a bowler’s efficiency on the lanes.

For instance, if you have trouble keeping your wrist straight during release or suffer from painful joints after extended playtime – investing in a quality wrist support brace or glove will reduce strain and allow you to bowl consistently without any discomfort.


Improving your bowling speed is a game-changer in the sport. By following these 10 effective tips, you can increase your ball speed and improve your overall game performance.

From mastering proper footwork to developing a consistent release, using bowling aids, and maintaining mental focus and concentration, there are several techniques to help you reach your goals.

Avoid common mistakes such as overthrowing or relying solely on arm strength. Remember to practice regularly and establish a warm-up and cool-down routine for optimal results.

Last updated on July 3, 2023