Will A Bowling Ball Float In The Dead Sea?

It is known for its high salt content, which makes it impossible for most living things to survive.

So, the question remains- will a bowling ball float in the Dead Sea? The answer may surprise you.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the science behind why things float or sink in water and find the answer to this question.

Let’s check it out.

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What is the Dead Sea?

It is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world.

It has a salinity level of around 33.7%, while the ocean has a salinity level of about 3%.

This high salinity makes it impossible for most living things to survive.

The name “Dead Sea” comes from the high salt content and lack of inhabitants in the area.

Because of this high salt content, it is known for its floating ability.

And it’s true- very few things can sink in it.

Will a bowling ball float or sink in the dead sea and why?

Yes, a bowling ball will float in the Dead Sea, and this has been proven before by many attempts.

See this video for example:

The reason is that the Dead Sea has a very high salt content.

Saltwater contains more buoyant things than freshwater does, which makes it easier to float in saltwater than it is to float in fresh water.

It is exceptionally salty because it doesn’t have any major sources of water besides the Jordan River, which only contributes about 2% to the water in the sea.

The majority of the water comes from a combination of dead Sea animals and natural precipitation.

Because there are no major sources of water to contribute, the salt content is very high compared to other bodies of salty water.

So, if you had a bowling ball that weighed 13.2 lbs on dry land, it would only weigh 11.5 lbs in the Dead Sea because the high salt content would make it more buoyant.

This, of course, is assuming you couldn’t get out to a deeper part of the sea to weigh it- if you could, then its true weight would be 13.2 lbs.

How salty is the Dead Sea?

It has a salinity level of 33.7%, making it the saltiest water in the world.

It has 1/3 as much salt as the ocean, which has an average salinity level of 3%.

It is about 9.6 times saltier than the ocean.

There are some other incredibly salty bodies of water in the world.

For example, Don Juan Pond is located on the continent of Antarctica and it’s one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world with a salinity level that ranges from 34-36%.

That is even saltier than the Dead Sea.

But these are some pretty extreme cases of high salt levels, so what about the human body?

All of the fluids in your body have a salinity level of about .9%, so you can definitely float in the Dead Sea.

Why do people visit the Dead Sea?

will a bowling ball float in the dead sea

People from all over the world visit it for a variety of reasons.

It is a popular destination because it is so salt-rich and it has been used as a spa since 330 BC, making it one of the oldest spas in history.

In addition to being a spa destination, many people also go to experience its buoyancy first-hand.

Taking a dip in this sea is beneficial for your health because it reduces stress on the skin and muscles, making it an excellent choice for people suffering from arthritis or other chronic diseases that cause pain.

It’s also good for psoriasis patients because the high salt content reduces irritation on the skin.

And finally, many people visit there to get away from their day jobs.

The extreme buoyancy of the saltwater makes it easier to float around and relax, which helps clear your mind after a long week of work.

It’s also good for your skin because the high salt content draws out excess water in the body when you are floating, so when you get out of the sea, your skin will be silky smooth.

How can you visit the Dead Sea?

People visit it by traveling to a city on its shores, such as Jerusalem or Amman.

You can also visit it on a cruise that starts at the Red Sea and ends in the Dead Sea.

You can swim in the sea but you must be very careful of how much water you take into your body because if your body takes in too much water, it can cause very serious health consequences.

Even if you are standing in the sea, the salt content is so high that you still have to be careful not to drink any of it because it will dehydrate you very quickly.

It has a lot of different benefits for your skin and general health, but make sure you exercise caution when you visit it.

Does a 14-pound bowling ball float in the Dead Sea?

Yes, it does, for sure.

Will a bowling ball float in saltwater?

If it’s just normal saltwater, then the answer is no.

If it’s a very salty body of water, like the Dead Sea or Don Juan Pond, then it would float.

What if you put a bowling ball in the ocean?

If a bowling ball were thrown into an average ocean or lake, it won’t float because the salt content isn’t high enough to make it buoyant.

This is why it’s not recommended to swim in the ocean if you are wearing a lot of jewelry- metal is denser than water, so it will cause you to sink instead of float.

Are bowling balls hollow inside?

Bowling balls are not hollow- they are about 95% solid.

They do have a small hole in the top of them, but it isn’t big enough for you to get your head inside of it.


In summary, a bowling ball will float in the Dead Sea thanks to its high salt content and it is one of the saltiest water sources in the world.

I hope that this short post has provided you with the answer to your burning question.

Last updated on March 2, 2023