Best Bowling Balls For Two Handers 2023 (Top 10 Choices)

Are you a two-handed bowler struggling to shoot up your bowling game to the next level? Do you want to add more power and control to your throws? If so, then picking up the best bowling balls for two-handers is a must.

With a wealth of options on the market, it can be hard to know which ball provides maximum performance benefits for experienced two-hand bowlers.

In this blog post, I will show you some of the top-rated available balls that offer an unparalleled combination of durability and precision accuracy. Whether you’re after a heavier hooking option or something smoother with a perfect back-end reaction, there’s something here for everyone!

Top 10 best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers

What is two-handed bowling?

Two-handed bowling is a style of bowling that involves both hands being used during the same delivery. You will possess more control over the ball’s trajectory and spin. And that allows them to customize their approach to each lane, making it easier to hit strikes and spares.

Two-handed bowlers often stand differently from traditional bowlers, often with a wider stance and an open body position. The arms are typically extended towards the pins with elbows out and hands close together.

In addition, two-handed bowlers use different types of balls for different lanes. Heavier balls are used for dryer lanes and lighter balls for oily lanes to better control the flow of oil on the lane surface.

The result? A more consistent game with higher scores!

Types of two-handed bowling balls

best bowling balls for two handers

Two-handed bowling balls offer increased power and accuracy compared to one-piece balls due to their asymmetric shapes and large cores.

These balls are designed to fit comfortably in both hands while providing a smoother release than single-handed models. They are also favored by experienced bowlers who want improved control over their throws.

One type of two-handed bowling ball is the symmetric core model, which has an evenly weighted core for more consistent performance. These models are popular among recreational bowlers who prefer balance and precision over power.

For bowlers looking for more spin and power, there are two-handed pearl bowling balls with wound cores or asymmetric shapes that distribute weight differently depending on which way the ball is thrown. These models are great for experienced bowlers who want maximum control over their throws and can adjust their technique accordingly.

Finally, there is the dual grip model, which has two distinct grips cut into opposite sides of the ball to provide even more control with either hand while still maintaining balance throughout the shot.

Pros and cons of holding bowling balls with your two hands

You might be wondering if it’s better to use two hands when bowling. I’m here to remind you there is no perfect approach when it comes to bowling. And when practicing your craft, keep the following things in mind.


  • By putting two hands on the ball, controlling the speed and spin of your shot will be much easier. It also gives you greater stability during the throw.
  • With two hands, you can more easily adjust the angle of release and the swing arc which can help improve accuracy.
  • Using two hands will also help with maintaining a consistent grip throughout the entire throw, giving you optimum performance on each attempt.


  • Using two hands at once takes away from the range of motion for your follow-through since both arms must move in tandem. This can slow down your delivery time and reduce power transfer from the torso to the arm.
  • When using both hands at once, it’s harder to make fine adjustments quickly which is necessary when releasing a curve or trying to change up angles mid-throw.
  • Having more than one hand on the ball increases friction which makes it more difficult to get optimal speed on every release without having to compensate with extra strength or exertion on each throw.

What to look for when choosing a two-handed bowling ball

  • First and foremost, consider your size and strength. If you’re a bigger person, then you’ll want a heavier ball – ideally in the 14-16 lb range. If you’re smaller or have less strength, try out lighter balls such as 10-12 lbs. A heavier ball will give you more power on each throw while a lighter one is better for accuracy and control.
  • The core of the ball is also important; this is responsible for helping create a strong reaction on the lane when it hits the pins. The core can be symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on the type of performance desired. Symmetrical cores provide a continuous motion while asymmetrical ones give more sidespin options.
  • The coverstock material of your bowling ball should also be taken into consideration; this affects the motion and reaction of your ball once it reaches the pins. Urethane coverstock tends to produce a smoother reaction on dry lanes, whereas reactive resin will offer more hook potential on oily surfaces.
  • Another thing to think about is grip; some two-handed bowling balls come with finger inserts which provide extra traction and control over each throw. It’s important to make sure that your hand fits snugly in the grip so that you get maximum comfort and accuracy with every release.
  • Drilling layout is also key; having an experienced pro shop driller make sure that your finger holes are properly spaced will help ensure consistent performance with each throw. It also helps if they take into account any physical characteristics such as knuckle placement or palm size when drilling your ball.
  • Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to color! Many people choose their favorite color when selecting their two-handed bowling ball, but sometimes picking something unique can add an extra bit of personality to your game too! Just remember to find something which reflects who YOU are as a bowler!

How to play with a two-handed bowling ball effectively

Playing with a two-handed bowling ball effectively is easy once you learn the basics.

  • First, hold the ball in both hands. Make sure you are standing close enough to the foul line without crossing it.
  • Position your feet shoulder-width apart. Then keep your knees slightly bent for balance.
  • Shift your weight onto the back foot and then transfer it forward on the approach.
  • As you release the ball, let your arms move naturally and extend out towards the pins.
  • Try keeping your fingers on top of the ball with your palms facing down as it rolls. This will generate more power and help create an optimal spin on the ball.
  • When you see where your throw is going, adjust accordingly to change up your shots and give yourself an advantage over other bowlers!


Is it better to bowl with both hands?

Yes, two-handed bowling gives you more control over your throws and can help you adjust to changing conditions of different lanes better than one-handed bowling.

This is because having two hands ensures that you have a steady and balanced platform from which to throw the ball, allowing for greater accuracy and power.

Also, with two hands involved in the release, it’s easier to achieve a consistent release angle for each throw, giving you more consistency that translates into better performance on different lanes.

In addition, two-handed bowling also helps build up strength and endurance in your arms so that you can maintain power throughout an entire game. All these factors make two-handed bowling an overall superior way to bowl!

How to add power to my two-handed bowling shots?

First, focus on your swing mechanics. Make sure your arms are extending straight out from your body throughout the swing, and that you’re getting maximum rotation on the ball. You should also practice releasing the ball at peak speed – as soon as it leaves your hands, accelerate quickly and give it an extra push.

Additionally, use a heavier ball than usual – this will add to the momentum of your throw and help generate more force behind each shot.

Finally, consider adjusting your grip – many bowlers find that an overlapping grip with both hands gives them better control and more power when throwing.

Is bowling with two hands easier for your body?

Yes, your body will feel more relaxed when you bowl with both hands. Without having to use your thumb, you’re able to alleviate any potential swelling and soreness that comes with repeatedly putting pressure on your thumb while making a throw.

With two-handed bowling, you are using both arms to generate power and control the ball’s trajectory – resulting in an overall less stressful experience for your body. Furthermore, two-handed throws can provide more consistent releases because of a smoother, steadier motion toward the pins.

The sheer amount of power generated from using both arms allows players to develop a consistent form that won’t change drastically from one throw to another.

How to curve when you bowl with both hands?

You can curve the ball when bowling with two hands by angling your arms differently.

First, position your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width. You should hold the ball in both hands. Your palms face each other so that it’s centered between them.

Next, bring the ball up to a comfortable level and angle your arms so that your dominant hand points slightly away from you while the other arm is angled more toward you.

As you start your bowling swing, keep your arms at this angle and rotate them inwards together until they are almost parallel with the ground. As you get closer to releasing the ball, push off of your back foot and bend at the waist slightly for extra power.

This should help create an arching path for the ball as it leaves your hands.


A two-handed bowling ball isn’t hard to choose. Just keep quality, weight, and finger inserts in mind when choosing your ball.

And don’t forget – a good technique helps, but with the best from each factor every time, you will be sure that no matter what shot you throw it will stay on track. So head out there and pick your perfect bowling ball!

With such varied options out there, you’re sure to find something perfectly suited to your bowling style and preferences. Let the games begin!

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