Are You Allowed to Bowl With 2 Hands?

Ever curious about the peculiarities of bowling? Should you bowl with two hands or one? Settling this debate once and for all, I delve into a comprehensive examination to uncover the answers.

In today’s blog post, I offer my take on this ever-important discussion point so that you can start smashing pins like an expert in no time! Delve deeper now to gain enlightenment around what is often not discussed when it comes to this topic.

Are you allowed to bowl with 2 hands?

Yes, you’re allowed to bowl with 2 hands! The United States Bowling Congress, which serves as the sport’s national governing body, has determined that there are no rules violations when it comes to using the two-handed approach.

In fact, two-handed bowling has gained popularity in recent years, particularly among younger bowlers. While professional bowler Jason Belmonte doesn’t believe it will completely replace the traditional one-handed approach during his lifetime, he does anticipate it continuing to grow in popularity.

It’s worth noting that using the two-handed approach requires a unique skill set and can be particularly effective for individuals with certain physical abilities.

Why the controversial?

are you allowed to bowl with 2 hands

To begin, let’s discuss the two-handed bowling technique. Instead of the conventional one-hand approach, this technique requires both hands to deliver the ball. Popularized by professional bowlers like Jason Belmonte and since then sparking heated debates amongst bowler fanatics alike, it certainly has left its mark on competitive bowling leagues everywhere!

The main argument against this bowling technique is that it provides an unfair benefit to those who employ it. As the style enables a higher rev rate, bowlers can accumulate more strikes and power on their ball throws – something some find contradictory to the spirit of the game. Those opposed believe using this method gives too much of an advantage over other players who don’t use it.

Supporters of this style contend that it is just another approach that should be accepted in the sport. They proclaim that practicing and honing such a technique necessitates as much skill as traditional one-handed bowling, while also diversifying the game to make it more captivating for onlookers.

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) permits two-handed bowlers to participate in competitions, disregarding any outcomes from disputes. Though certain tournaments and organizations may have their own existing rules about the technique that must be obeyed as well.

While opinions may continue to differ on the subject of two-handed bowling, it cannot be denied that no matter which technique is used, a bowler needs both skill and dedication if they want to excel at this recreation.


To conclude, while there are intense debates for and against bowling with two hands, the United States Bowling Congress permits you to use this method in competitive leagues. The ultimate decision is yours – if the two-handed approach works better for your body type, feel free to experiment! However, make sure that it follows all of the established rules and regulations set forth by whichever tournament or organization you are partaking in.

Last updated on March 29, 2023