Do Professional Bowlers Use Two Hands?

Are you fascinated by the unique art of bowling? Do you appreciate how each individual has their own style and flair when they approach that iconic lane?

Have you ever wondered if professional bowlers use two hands to play or is it just a myth? We’ve all heard stories about the pros using both hands to throw their bowling balls with greater accuracy, but do these tales hold any truth?

In today’s blog post, we’ll be exploring this intriguing question. Let’s hit the lanes and get started!

Do professional bowlers use two hands?

Yes, many professional bowlers choose to use two hands when bowling. This method has become increasingly popular among younger players in the sport.

By using two hands to bowl, you generate improved control and strength that can add up to your score. Take note though, not all professional bowlers use this technique as it is a matter of preference; some prefer the traditional single-handed style.

The two-handed bowling technique is not only popularized by but attributed to the reigning champion Jason Belmonte. This revolutionary bowler has won countless titles for his accomplishments and remains a top contender in international competitions. His innovative approach has encouraged other bowlers to branch out of their comfort zone and take on the two-handed style – proving that it can be done with success!

Two-handed bowling may not be the norm for professional bowlers, but it is a legitimate technique that can offer great results on the lanes. Ultimately, each bowler should explore and discover what works best with their unique style of play.

What are some famous two-handed bowlers?

do professional bowlers use two hands

Jason Belmonte has made a name for himself as one of the top and most talented two-handed bowlers in the world. But his success is just part of a larger story – many other extraordinary two-handed bowlers have left their mark on bowling too! If you love this sport, then take some time to discover these hidden gems that will surely leave an impression on you.

Outstanding among the professional bowlers is Osku Palermaa, a Finnish bowler who has been bowling professionally since 2002. He stands out as one of few bowlers utilizing a two-handed approach for both strikes and spares; this allows him to be flexible while on the lanes.

Jesper Svensson from Sweden is a two-handed bowler worth watching. He’s renowned for his swiftness and precision, having earned several PBA titles despite being in the early stages of his twenties.

In 2016, Francois Lavoie made history as he became the first bowler to accomplish a 7-10 split on TV. This Canadian bowler utilizes an innovative two-handed technique that grants him superior power and accuracy while bowling – just like defending champion Jason Belmonte!

These are only some of the two-handed bowlers who have been making an impact in bowling. Whether you prefer a classic single-handed technique or something out of the box, it’s hard to dispute the prowess and expertise that they bring to the sport.


To answer the question – do professional bowlers use two hands? Yes, most certainly! While single-handed bowling remains popular among many pros, it can’t compare to the power and accuracy that two-handed bowlers are able to generate. From Jason Belmonte to Osku Palermaa, there’s no denying that this style of play has proven to be successful.

Last updated on March 29, 2023