Is Two-Handed Bowling Cheating? (The Truth Revealed)



  • You are allowed to bowl with two hands, and in fact, many professional bowlers do for increased power and control.
  • Bowlers find that using two hands brings greater stability and accuracy when releasing the ball.


Have you ever seen a bowler who used two hands to throw the ball down the lane?

At first glance, it might seem like they’re cheating – but is there really anything wrong with using both hands to bowl?

In this blog post, we’ll uncover the truth behind two-handed bowling. We’ll discuss why some people use two hands and how it affects their accuracy and ability. Get ready to have all of your questions answered!

Is two-handed bowling cheating?

No, two-handed bowling is not cheating. There are no restrictions when it comes to bowling with two hands (source). In fact, a lot of professional bowlers have adopted this approach due to its effectiveness.

It gives you more power and control over your shot which can increase your overall score. With a steady aim and consistent release, utilizing the two-handed technique leads to higher chances of success.

Despite the fact that this technique is permissible, it may not be suitable for every bowler.

It requires practice and getting accustomed to it, so if you are wondering whether or not it will work well with your own game then give it a try! Be sure to abide by all of the bowling’s regulations including staying within the markings on either side of the lane and utilizing proper equipment.

Why do some people choose to use two hands when bowling?

is two handed bowling cheating

There are several reasons why two-handed bowling is so efficient.

Firstly, using both hands brings greater stability and accuracy when releasing the ball; additionally, some bowlers find that having a secondhand present provides an extra boost of power and momentum on delivery for enhanced pin impact.

The two-handed bowling style has become especially popular with young and inexperienced bowlers, likely due to its relative ease of learning.

Compared to the more experienced one-handed approach, this method requires less practice and precision upon mastery.

How using both hands affects accuracy and ability

Unleash the full power of your bowling ball with both hands as you hold, release, and aim it. With a two-handed grip, not only do you increase your strength to send out the ball farther and faster but also gain more control over its trajectory.

Your non-dominant hand can steady the motion while offering slight adjustments in spin or loft for those perfect hooks and curves to nail down a strike!

Two-handed bowling might take some extra practice and coordination to master, yet it’s worth the effort. After you invest time into this new technique, your skills on the lanes will greatly improve.

So if you’re a seasoned bowler looking for an edge or just starting out in the game, two-handed bowling is definitely something to try – it could make all the difference!

How to practice two-handed bowling

Mastering two-handed bowling can feel intimidating at first, however, with the right practice and techniques you will soon be striking down those pins like a champion.

It is essential to find a ball that fits your size and weight requirements. Take a visit to your local alley and test out various balls until one feels comfortable in both hands; not too light that it lacks control but also not so heavy that makes swinging difficult.

Let’s begin with your stance. Stand at the foul line, making sure that you have a shoulder-width distance between both feet. Your non-dominant foot should be slightly in front of your dominant one – i.e., if you are right-handed, then place your left foot further forward than the right one!

Secure the ball with your weaker hand, fitting your fingers into its holes as you would a typical bowling grip. Afterward, firmly hold it in place with your dominant arm over the top of the ball and spread out each finger evenly across its surface.

Retrieve the ball just behind your body before propelling it forward with immense strength, thrusting it forth from both hands at the foul line. Your dominant hand should be mainly responsible for providing power to the shot while your other hand serves as a guide in aiming towards its target -the pins.

As you hone your technique, pay close attention to the timing and release of your throw. Aim for a smooth launch that doesn’t involve any jerky arm or hand movements.

Make sure to keep a balanced posture and have a consistent aim on the target, then don’t hesitate to play around with different angles and speeds – this experimentation will eventually lead you towards more precise throws!


All in all, it’s not wrong to use two hands when you bowl. In truth, this tactic has grown popular with professional bowlers since it offers them more strength and accuracy on their throws.

What’s even better is that newbies find the dual-handed approach easier to master than a single-arm technique, consequently boosting their odds of success dramatically.

Last updated on April 2, 2023