Do Two-handed Bowlers Slide? (Quick Facts)



  • Sliding is an important component of two-handed bowling.
  • Sliding can help you build power and increase your scores.
  • To achieve optimal performance in bowling, it’s important to practice your sliding technique.


Do you ever watch a bowling match and wonder how the players manage to sling the ball down the lane so far?

Well, if it’s been baffling you for too long then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss whether two-handed bowlers use a sliding approach and what techniques contribute to that perfect shot. Get ready because we’re diving into all things sliding in this post!

Do two-handed bowlers slide?

do two handed bowlers slide

The answer is yes, two-handed bowlers do slide. Sliding is a pivotal component of the two-handed bowling technique.

As the bowler strides up to the foul line, they plant their back foot and slide forward with their leading leg. This motion aids in maintaining equilibrium while also providing extra power for every throw.

Despite being two-handed bowlers, everyone does not slide the same. Some might opt for a longer path whereas others will select a shorter one. For some, it is easier to find solace with the help of sliding soles on their shoes while many go without and make do with just rubber soles.

Benefits of using a sliding approach

When you’re bowling with two hands, utilizing a sliding approach can be immensely beneficial for your game.

Sliding forward will provide you with better accuracy and precision as it allows for a more consistent release point and follow-through. With this method, you’ll have greater control over the ball, allowing yourself to hit that perfect strike.

Not only can sliding help you build more power for your throws, but it also has the potential to increase your scores. When you slide forward while throwing, you leverage that momentum and transfer additional energy into the ball – sending it farther down the lane with greater velocity.

This improved pin action leads to better performance and increased scores.

But sliding isn’t simply about precision and strength. It additionally helps you to sustain proper form throughout your delivery. With an appropriate slide, you are able to stay balanced and steady so that your technique stays intact while allowing for fine-tuning if necessary.

Sliding may be intimidating at first, but with a blend of strength, flexibility, and agility – it can become second nature. With time, dedication, and practice you will have the tools to help you reach higher scores in bowling!

Sliding has the potential to revolutionize your game for more enjoyable results on the lanes.

How to practice your sliding technique for maximum results

To achieve optimal performance in bowling, it’s important to practice your sliding technique. Here are some useful tips that can help you enhance and refine this essential skill:

  • To ensure a successful session of bowling, begin by investing in the proper shoes. Choose footwear that is both comfortable and equipped with an appropriate sole for sliding down the lane.
  • When you are looking to enhance your sliding form, it is important to stay focused on the approach. Attempting to be consistent with each throw will enable you to develop a rhythm and preserve equilibrium while completing the shot.
  • If you’re having difficulty maintaining a steady glide, there’s an easy fix for that. Lay down either a sliding mat or towel under your sliding foot to create a smooth and continuous motion. It’ll help make sure each movement is consistent with the next.
  • Step up your footwork game if you want to slide with confidence. Ensure that you are employing sound technique while transferring your weight and harnessing the full potential of each movement, setting yourself up for success every time.
  • To ace your sliding technique, perfecting the timing of when to let go is essential. Stay in control and be sure to release the ball at precisely the right moment – this will help you stay balanced while gaining maximum power from each slide.

Common mistakes made when attempting to slide in bowling

A common and detrimental flaw among bowlers is releasing the ball at a less-than-optimal time.

This can lead to an unfortunate turn of events and ruin your shot, so it’s imperative that you do this correctly in order to avoid disappointment. As you approach the foul line while sliding, ensure that the ball has been released to achieve a perfectly delivered throw.

Another common misstep is incorrect sliding. If you slide too much, you may unintentionally veer off track; however, if your slide isn’t forceful enough then the necessary momentum won’t be gained either. To avoid this conundrum, always adjust the sole of your footwear to suit both your ability as well as the lane conditions for optimal results.

Moreover, many bowlers err when not maintaining their ideal posture during their slide. To optimize accuracy and flow, it is essential to keep your back straightened, shoulders balanced and gaze focused on the intended target. Utilizing this form will ensure a steady yet precise slide for all bowlers.

Don’t underestimate the importance of practicing your slide. Just like with any other skill in bowling, repetition is key to becoming a professional two-handed player – if you practice regularly, you’ll see a major improvement in your technique and be able to avoid common pitfalls. So don’t forget: work on your slide frequently so that it becomes second nature.


Two-handed bowlers should slide to maximize their accuracy and precision when throwing, as well as develop more strength for the ball. Plus, it helps maintain better posture during delivery.

To become a pro at sliding, you have to practice the technique often; investing in specialized shoes will provide reliable support while focusing on consistent steps, and perfecting your release timing gives you increased confidence with each throw.

Last updated on April 2, 2023