Can I Take My Baby Bowling? (Precautions & Tips)



  • When taking your baby bowling, it’s important to choose a safe and clean alley. A well-maintained establishment prioritizes cleanliness, which reduces the chances of your infant being exposed to germs or unsanitary conditions.
  • Make sure that your baby is kept in a safe area away from the pins and bowling balls at all times.
  • You should always choose a less crowded time, bring ear protection, snacks, and toys for distraction, and take breaks when needed to ensure that your little one is comfortable and happy throughout the outing.


Are you a bowling enthusiast looking to share the excitement with your baby? You’re in good company! Many parents wonder, “Is it safe to take your baby bowling?” and how they can ensure a fun-filled outing for their little one.

The good news is that babies can adapt to noisy environments like bowling alleys without any harm, if you know how to help them get prepared, of course.

And in this blog post, we’ll provide expert tips and infant safety precautions so you can confidently bring your bundle of joy along on your next trip down the lanes.

Safety Precautions For Taking Your Baby Bowling

Choose a Safe And Clean Alley

Selecting a safe and clean bowling alley is crucial for ensuring that both you and your baby have an enjoyable time at the lanes. A well-maintained establishment prioritizes cleanliness, which reduces the chances of your infant being exposed to germs or unsanitary conditions.

When choosing a suitable location, research online reviews or ask fellow parents for recommendations. Keep an eye out for alleys that offer family hours or specifically cater to children’s parties, as these are more likely to provide a comfortable environment for babies.

Visiting the venue beforehand allows you to assess its overall cleanliness and safety features firsthand.

Keep Your Baby Close And Away From The Pins

It’s important to keep your baby close and away from the pins when bowling. While it may be tempting to place your little one on the lane for a cute picture, this can be extremely dangerous.

Make sure that your baby is kept in a safe area away from the pins and bowling balls at all times.

Remember that accidents can happen, so always stay alert and take precautions. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about holding your baby while bowling, consider bringing along a carrier or having someone else watch over them while you play.

Tips For Bringing Your Baby to the Bowling Alley

Choose a Less Crowded Time

To make your bowling experience with your baby more enjoyable, it’s best to choose a less crowded time. Weekday mornings or early afternoons are often less busy than evenings and weekends when leagues and parties tend to take place.

This will give you more space and time to focus on playing without worrying about other bowlers getting too close to your baby. Additionally, choosing a quieter time can also help reduce noise levels in the alley, making it easier for both you and your little one to concentrate on rolling that perfect strike.

Bring Ear Protection, Snacks, And Toys

can I take my baby bowling

It’s important to prepare your little one with the right gear for a fun and safe bowling experience. Consider bringing ear protection such as noise-canceling headphones or earplugs, especially if you’re going during peak hours.

You want to make sure that the loud noises from balls hitting pins won’t cause discomfort or damage their delicate ears. Don’t forget snacks! Pack some healthy treats like cut-up fruits and veggies, crackers, and cheese sticks to keep your child fueled throughout the game.

And finally, toys can be great for keeping your baby entertained while they sit on your lap or in a carrier.

Remember: Safety comes first always! Make sure before you go bowling with kids; check out our safety precautions tips above in case you missed it so that you can have a worry-free day at the alley with your little ones!

Take Breaks If Needed

It’s important to recognize when your baby needs a break from the noise and commotion of the bowling alley. If your little one seems fussy or overwhelmed, step away for a few minutes to provide some quiet time.

You may want to take them outside for some fresh air or find a calmer area of the building where they can relax.

For toddlers and older kids, breaks can also be beneficial. They may need some downtime after several games or become restless waiting for their turn on the lane. Use these moments to grab a snack or drink, play with toys you’ve brought along, or just take a breather before returning to the action.


In conclusion, taking your baby bowling can be a fun and safe activity as long as precautions are taken. Remember to choose a clean and safe alley, use an appropriate ball size for your baby, and keep them away from the pins.

Additionally, bringing ear protection, snacks, and toys, and taking breaks if needed can make the outing more enjoyable. Bowling with kids at a young age can develop their motor skills while teaching sportsmanship.