Best Bowling Ball For High Rev Players (Top 10 Choices)

Bowling is a sport that requires skill, finesse, and the right equipment to help you excel on the lanes.

If you’re a high-rev player, choosing the perfect bowling ball becomes even more crucial in achieving optimal performance.

In this blog post, we will delve into the best bowling balls for high-rev players, what high-rev bowling entails, and its impact on ball choice.

We’ll also explore key factors such as rev rate, weight, design specifications, coverstock options, core type and drilling patterns – all essential when selecting your ideal companion on the alley.

Best Bowling Balls For High Rev Players – Quick Comparison

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What Is High Rev Bowling?

High Rev Bowling refers to a style of bowling where players generate a significant amount of revolutions on the ball, resulting in increased hook potential and an aggressive ball motion.

This specific bowling style is distinct from low or medium rev styles due to its greater emphasis on rotation and speed. High-rev players like Dom Barrett, Jason Belmonte, or EJ Tackett often exhibit rapid wrist movement during their release, causing the ball to spin faster upon contact with the lane.

Unique Characteristics Of High Rev Players

High-rev players possess a distinct style and skill set that set them apart from others in the world of bowling. With their ability to deliver the ball at impressive speeds, often exceeding 19 mph, and boasting remarkable rev rates of over 400 rpm’s, these bowlers are able to generate incredible hook potential on the lane.

The unique characteristics of high-rev players include their strong wrist action during release, powerful rotation through the thumb and fingers, as well as an elongated breakpoint that enables impressive pin carry.

These attributes contribute to what is known as “rev dominance,” which can be advantageous in certain lane conditions or match situations. For example, high-rev players have an increased track flare due to their higher differential RG values – a feature that promotes better angular motion and energy retention so they can navigate challenging oil patterns with ease.

Furthermore, this type of bowler may rely heavily on aggressive equipment choices to balance out their speed dominance while still maintaining control over their shot delivery.

How To Choose Bowling Balls For High Rev Players?

Rev Rate

Rev rate, or revolution rate, is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting the ideal bowling ball for high-rev players. This figure denotes the number of revolutions completed by a bowling ball as it travels down the lane and measures how much spin a player typically imparts on their ball.

Understanding your unique rev rate allows you to make informed decisions about which balls will complement your playing style and optimize your performance. A higher rev rate often leads to increased hook potential on oilier lanes while better controlling skid-and-flip behavior during transition periods.

This enhanced knowledge can give high-rev bowlers an edge over competitors who may struggle with finding the right balance between power and precision on varying lane conditions.

Ball Weight And Design

Choosing the right ball weight and design are crucial factors to consider when selecting a bowling ball for high-rev players. The weight of the ball should be approximately 10% of the player’s body weight, up to a maximum of 16 pounds.

However, pro bowlers typically use balls weighing 16 pounds due to their strength and experience. Additionally, the diameter of the ball also plays a role in determining its ideal weight.

Aside from weight, the design of the ball can significantly impact its performance for high-rev players. Symmetrical versus asymmetrical designs each have unique characteristics that affect how they react on different lane conditions.

Fine-tuning static weights (top, side, and finger) can also help tailor a ball’s performance to a player’s specific needs.

RG Measurements

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a bowling ball for high-rev players is its RG measurements. The radius of gyration essentially refers to how the weight is distributed within the ball, and this affects its overall motion on the lane.

For high-rev players, a higher RG number can result in a more stable and predictable ball reaction. This means that it will take longer for the ball to hook, giving bowlers greater control over their shots.

On the other hand, low RG balls tend to have more aggressive hook potential right out of your hand.

Some examples of bowling balls with high RG measurements include Roto Grip Idol Pro (RG 2.49), Brunswick Prism Warp Hybrid (RG 2.51), and Motiv Ripcord Flight (RG 2.53).

Coverstock Options

Choosing the right coverstock option is a crucial factor when selecting a bowling ball, especially for high-rev players. The type of coverstock will determine how much friction the ball can generate on the lane and its hook potential.

For instance, urethane coverstock offers more friction during throw and has higher hook potential than plastic or polyester options. This makes it an ideal choice for bowlers who have a higher rev rate as it allows them to control their shot better.

Reactive resin coverstock is also popular among high-rev players due to its ability to create angular moves on dry lanes.

The porous surface of reactive resin enables it to dig into the lane’s oil patterns, creating more friction between the ball and lane surface, making it easier for high-rev players to hit their mark consistently.

High RG balls are another option that high-rev players can consider choosing in dryer conditions where an additional skid is necessary before hitting the pocket.

Core And Drilling Pattern

The core and drilling pattern of a bowling ball are essential factors to consider when choosing the right ball for high-rev players. The ball’s core performance, including its low RG, total differential, and intermediate differential values, affects how it transitions on the lane.

High-rev players should opt for balls with lower RG values to handle their higher rev rates efficiently. Drilling patterns also play a significant role in customizing a bowling ball fit for the player’s hand shape and size while providing better control over the delivery.

Choosing symmetrical or asymmetrical cores can also affect the ball’s hook potential and reaction to different lane conditions.

Surface Texture

The surface texture of a bowling ball is a crucial factor to consider when selecting the perfect ball for high-rev players. The preparation, length potential, and hook potential ratings of the coverstock significantly affect the breaking point of the ball.

Reactive resin balls are popular among higher rev players due to their increased hook potential and control on oily lane conditions.

Urethane coverstocks offer more versatility in different lane conditions with moderate hook potential and controllable back-end reactions.

High-rev players looking for more hooks can opt for reactive resin coverstocks with varying grit surfaces, providing maximum friction with increased oil absorption capabilities by taking advantage of micro-fissures on its surface.

Proper Maintenance And Care For Your Bowling Ball

Clean And Polish Your Bowling Ball Regularly

Proper maintenance and care of your bowling ball are critical for consistent performance on the lanes.

Regular cleaning and polishing of your ball can help to remove any dirt or oil buildup on its surface, restoring its shine and friction qualities.

Re-polishing the shiny surface after every ten games are recommended to ensure that it maintains optimal performance.

To clean your bowling ball, you can use a specially formulated cleaner or rubbing alcohol with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals like acetone, which can damage the ball’s coverstock.

Proper storage of your ball in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight also helps maintain its quality over time.

Store Your Ball Properly

To ensure that your bowling ball remains in tip-top condition, it’s crucial to store it properly. Simply leaving your ball lying around can lead to damage or deformations, which can have a negative impact on its performance.

To avoid this, invest in a special bowling bag that is designed specifically for carrying and storing balls.

It’s also essential to store your ball at room temperature and away from direct sunlight or heat sources like heaters or radiators as extreme temperatures can warp the coverstock material of the ball.

Additionally, avoid stacking heavy items on top of each other as they may put pressure on the surface of the ball causing deformation over time.

Have Your Ball Professionally Serviced And Resurfaced

In addition to proper maintenance and care, having your bowling ball professionally serviced and resurfaced is crucial for keeping it in top condition. Professional services can include deep-cleaning the ball, adjusting its core, or even changing out drilling patterns.

Resurfacing a ball involves using a high-speed spinner to remove any scratches or dings from the surface, while also rejuvenating the coverstock material. Traditional methods included hand-sanding the ball, but today’s technology has made professional services much more efficient.

A good rule of thumb for when to have your ball serviced is after every 60 games played, though this may vary based on the frequency of use and specific gameplay factors such as lane conditions and shot selection.


Choosing the right bowling ball for high-rev players can make a huge difference in your game. Asymmetrical balls, with their unique characteristics, are an excellent choice for those who spin the ball fast and hard.

When selecting your equipment, consider factors such as rev rate, weight, coverstock options, core design, and surface texture. Proper maintenance and care of your bowling ball cannot be overstated either; clean it regularly and store it correctly to ensure maximum performance on the lanes.

Last updated on May 2, 2023