Are Bowling Alleys Open On Labor Day?

As Labor Day approaches, many families search for fun and engaging activities to celebrate the contributions and achievements of American workers. One popular option is heading to the bowling alley for some friendly competition.

But are bowling alleys open on Labor Day?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the possibilities of enjoying a day at the lanes during this public holiday while comparing national chains vs independent alleys, special events, or promotions.

Are Bowling Alleys Open On Labor Day?

Yes, most bowling alleys do operate during Labor Day. National chain alleys typically have standard holiday hours, making it easy for families and groups of friends to plan their outings accordingly.

However, it’s essential to note that independently owned bowling facilities may follow different schedules or even close altogether on holidays like Labor Day.

National Chains Vs Independent Alleys

As you plan your Labor Day bowling outing, it’s important to consider the type of alley that best suits your needs. National chains like AMF and Bowlero offer consistency in terms of pricing, amenities, and branding.

They also tend to have more modern equipment and technology than independent alleys. However, many local independent alleys offer unique experiences with their own charm and character.

These smaller establishments often have a stronger connection to their communities and may offer specials on holidays like Labor Day.

Special Events Or Promotions

As we gear up for Labor Day, it’s worth noting that many bowling alleys offer special events or promotions during the holiday weekend. National chains may have different deals than independent alleys, so it’s worth checking in advance what kind of specials might be available.

Some popular options could include discounted games or free shoe rentals. Additionally, some bowling alleys may host themed nights or tournaments over the holiday weekend to add an extra layer of fun to your outing.

Benefits Of Celebrating Labor Day With Bowling

are bowling alleys open on labor day

Affordable Entertainment Option

As we celebrate Labor Day, finding ways to enjoy the holiday without breaking the bank is always a plus. Bowling is a great affordable entertainment option for families and friends looking to have some fun while sticking to their budget.

With open bowling available for as low as $3 per game for adults and $2 per game for kids, you can spend hours of quality time with your loved ones without worrying about overspending.

Not only is bowling an economical choice, but it’s also a perfect way to bond with loved ones while engaging in some healthy competition. Unlike other pricey activities like going to the movies or theme parks, bowling allows everyone to participate regardless of age or physical ability level.

Fun Activity For The Whole Family

As a fun activity for the whole family, bowling is an affordable and entertaining option that offers something for everyone. Children can enjoy using bumpers and lightweight balls, while adults can engage in a friendly competition to show off their skills.

One particularly great benefit of bowling for families is that it provides an opportunity to bond over a shared experience. It’s not just about rolling balls down the lane; there are arcade games, snacks, drinks, and other amenities that enhance the overall experience.

Best of all, when you’re done bowling you can replay your game stats with each other or enjoy other activities like billiards or darts available at some alley locations.

Escape The Heat Or Rain

One of the biggest benefits of celebrating Labor Day with bowling is that you can escape the heat or rain. With summer temperatures soaring, it’s never a bad idea to head indoors where it’s cool and comfortable.

Bowling alleys offer a great way to beat the heat while still having fun. Additionally, if there happens to be an unexpected downpour on Labor Day, bowling provides an excellent indoor activity for you and your family or friends to enjoy without getting soaked.

This is especially helpful when planning outdoor activities becomes difficult due to inclement weather during this time of year.

Bond With Friends And Family

Bowling is a great way to bond with friends and family over Labor Day weekend. Whether you’re competing against each other or just cheering each other on, bowling encourages socialization and friendly competition.

Plus, it’s a fun and affordable activity that everyone can enjoy. You can create lasting memories while knocking down pins and enjoying some snacks and drinks.

And if you have little ones who may need some extra help, bumper bowling is always an option to make the game more accessible for them.


In conclusion, if you are planning to celebrate Labor Day with a fun activity for the whole family, consider going bowling! While it is not guaranteed that all bowling alleys will be open on Labor Day, it’s worth checking out the special events or promotions they may offer.

Bowling is an affordable entertainment option and allows you to escape from the heat or rain while bonding with friends and family. And you should dress appropriately and bring snacks and drinks for added fun.

Last updated on June 8, 2023